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Process descriptions

These process descriptions are limited to the basic information. According to the Teleservices act we have to announce that this description contains KLN Product- and Company-Information’s. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. Subject of slight technical or dimensional modifications in the sense of progress.


Zeitgemäße Kunststoffverbindungstechnik für Thermoplaste; konstruktive u. technische Arbeitshilfen, substituierende und alternative Fügetechniken / H. Thews, ISBN: 3-88736-005-2

Permanent, form-locked connections are achieved by riveting. The connection is made by the deformation or moulding of the thermoplastic material. This process is generally employed only to achieve spot or segmented joint seams. In…

Hot air riveting

Today, the Hotplate welding bonding process is one of most crucial bonding techniques used in the serial production of semi-finished products and moulds made of thermoplastic materials. This process can be combined economically with a…

Hot plate welding

For welding by means of infrared technology short-wave (0,78-2 μm) as well as medium-wave (2-4 μm) infrared radiation of the spectrum can be used. This depends particularly on the radiation absorption capacity of the respective polymer m…

Infrared welding

In Spin Welding, the heat required for plasticizing the material is produced by friction in the region of contact between both moulds. The component to weld is put into a rotation movement, whereas the second component is kept…

Spin welding

The ultrasonic vibrations are generated in a generator, which converts the incoming mains voltage into high-frequency energy. This high-frequency electrical energy is converted into mechanical vibration energy of identical frequency…

Ultrasonic welding

Apart from ultrasonic and hotplate welding, "linear vibration welding" has become established particularly in the field of large-area joints in series manufacturing. The process is suitable for parts of any shape, but under…

Vibration welding

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