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Vibration welding

Vibration welding

Vibration welding

Since more than 20 years linear vibration welding is part of our program. In a very short period of time we had developed the machine program “LVW“, which means linear vibration welding.

The application range of the LVW series covers smaller applications with machines of approx. 500 mm width and large applications up to a width of 2000 mm, like pallets, instrument panels and bumpers.

Vibration welding

As a principle our standard machines are equipped with an hydraulic lifting table. Depending on the machine size a contact force of up to 70 kN can be applied. This is necessary for large suction pipes made of PA 6.6 GV30 with heavy distortion or very large welding surfaces. Since many years all our vibration welders are fitted with our patented CPC system. This kind of regulation which is integrated in the converter stimulates the vibration unit with optimal resonance frequency. Thus, a low energy consumption is guaranteed during the friction phase.

It is not necessary to enter the frequency parameter in the machine, as it is permanently “optimized”. Thus, the KLN drive systems are independent from the tool weight. The tool weight is solely limited in height, caused by the mechanical design and the high accelerating powers arising in these systems.

The integrated frequency regulation and a specially developed hardware allow also for extremely quick start of vibration and active braking at the end of the vibration process.

KLN CPC procedure

The quick start of vibration reduces lint formation and the active braking causes an improved weld seam strength in some materials.

With this innovation obviously KLN has hit the mark in the field of vibration welding. The new system results from more than 40 years experience in welding plastic components, particularly friction welding: vibration, ultrasonic and spin welding.

Without CPC

Without CPC

With CPC

With CPC

Our vibration products are being continuously further developed. So in the last few years we developed a servo-motor drive system, which makes possible lifting table speeds of > 0,5 m/s at maximum positioning speed.

Today in some machines the servo-motor drives are standard. On demand we can integrate this system in any of our machines.

Technical data

Model LVW 2032 LVW 2046 LVW 2346 LVW 2261
Frequency of vibration head (Hz) -260 -260 -240 -240
Amplitude (mm) 0,35 - 1,0 0,35 - 1,0 0,35 - 1,0 0,35 - 1,0
Welding surface (cm²) ~300 ~300 ~500 ~500
Dimensions of lifting table (LxW mm) 800 x 500 1000 x 500 1200 x 600 1550 x 560
Max. welding pressure (kN) 12 19,8 30 30
Weight of upper tooling (kg) max. 0-40 0-50 0-80 0-80
Touchpanel unit (inch) 6" 6" 6" 10"
Drive system Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic

Technical data

Model LVW 2261se LVW 2371 LVW 2371se LVW 2871
Frequency of vibration head (Hz) -240 100-150 100-150 100-150
Amplitude (mm) 0,35 - 1,0 0,35 - 1,80 0,35 - 1,80 0,35 - 1,80
Welding surface (cm²) ~500 ~600 ~600 ~600
Dimensions of lifting table (LxW mm) 1550 x 560 1800 x 600 1800 x 600 1800 x 700
Max. welding pressure (kN) 30 47 40 47
Weight of upper tooling (kg) max. 1-120 0-220 0-220 0-240
Touchpanel unit (inch) 10" 10" 10" 10"
Drive system Servo Hydraulic Servo Hydraulic

Vibration & pre-heating

Vibration and integrated IR pre-heating

Today we can offer for all our machines also the possibility to pre-heat with infrared technology the parts to be welded in order to minimize lint formation. In this case the IR radiator is integrated in the lower tool.

We will be pleased to support you in the layout of parts, the complete welding tool design, construction and assembly of tools in respect of all our machines. Most of our tools are completely manufactured in our plant, optimized and, if necessary, „started up“ on our lab machines.

Vibration welding LVW 2032

Weldable plastics

Particular importance have semicristalline, unreinforced or reinforced materials, polyamides, also with glass fibre percentage and other reinforcement components, PE unreinforced or with partial reinforcement components, like talkum as well as all important materials used for production of molded parts, like ABS, SAN, PC, PMMA, PBT and blends, like PP/EPDM, PC + PBT, PPE + PA. Connection of plastics with dissimilar materials like textile and resin-bonded fibre materials as well as wood-bonded materials is possible. Thus the vibration welding process is suitable for almost any material, except for heavily elastomer-modified materials. The friction coefficient of the material and the contact pressure in the friction phase considerably influence the surface maximally to be welded.

Below please see some essential characteristics of our LVW series:

The frequency

up to max. 260 Hz makes short friction welding times possible and increases the productivity. All models are also available with low frequency of approx. 100 Hz and increased amplitude of up to 2 mm. The frequency depends on the tooling weight. Large tools require a low frequency due to their extremely high accelerating powers.

  • Control of amplitude
    As standard the machine is fitted with an amplitude control (in connection with the time-pressure levels). With this technology the amplitude can be automatically modified during the different welding phases.
  • Welding power
    to be selected in up to 8 steps, analogously to the weld and time profiles with actual value acquisition and limit value window. Pressure indication as actual value in N (power).
  • Lifting table
    travel control system for the lifting table with actual value acquisition and limit value window. Particularly important for the use of several tools (data are stored in the tool program).
  • Weld travel control
    with high-precision laser technology as actual value acquisition with limit value window, to be selected in up to 8 steps.
  • Energy control
    as actual value acquisition with limit value window in J (Joule)

Automatic frequency resonance control (AFRC) or resonance frequency determination

Automatic single-search run in connection with CPC approx. 1s in case of tool exchange or commissioning of a new tooling. After that the resonance frequency is continuously optimized and controlled during the process.

Automatic frequency resonance control

Operating modes:

The standard version with PLC and touch panel offer the following modes:

  • time welding
    control of the welding travel threshold values
  • travel welding - total travel
    control of the welding time threshold values
  • travel welding - welding depth
    The travel is measured with state-of-the-art laser technology. Exactness 0,05 mm. Measurement is realised within the vibration system (head bridge, tooling table) in order to avoid measuring faults e.g. by vibration.

Operating device:

Operating device

In the basic version the machine is fitted with a SIEMENS operating device. The parameters relevant for the welding quality are displayed as a graphic after each welding cycle depending on the part. Via an interface the graphic can be printed.

Via a display the parameters, the texts of the fault diagnosis as well as the operating texts are shown in plain text. Also, the manual functions can be selected via the operating device. With the integrated operational and numerical keys the parameters can be modified. The parameters can be stored with a 5-digit code number. Also in the field of vibration welding we develop special solutions together with our customers. For example, we have developed a machine with special tooling exchange and integrated rotary table. This makes possible operating cycles of 12 s.

KLN LVW 2020

If our standard program does not give you a solution, please ask for a special solution adapted exactly to your task.

Vibration welding
Vibration welding
Vibration welding
Vibration welding

Automotive industry:
e.g. spoilers, I panels, glove boxes, parcel shelves, motor covers, Servo oil containers, filters, decoration strips and bumpers, suction pipes.

Household appliances industry:
e.g. washing machine components, underbodies of laundry dryers, door reinforcements.

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