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Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding

For the assembly of plastic parts, which differ in size and condition and would therefore not be suitable for standard machines, we recommend the use of special equipment with several ultrasonic units for ultrasonic welding and processing methods.

  • riveting
  • welding
  • spot welding
  • punching
  • flanging
  • cutting
  • embossing
  • printing

Multi-head systems
These machines can also be used to accomplish complex tasks, e.g. the combination of different welding techniques, like spin welding and hotplate welding and for numerous automated processes.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic transducers

At KLN the manufacturing of transducers is subject to a most elaborate procedure, e. g. lapping on the highest quality level and an assembly method of the components, which has been developed by KLN especially for this purpose. In this regard, our clients can profit from our experience of 60 years in the field of transducer technology.

Ultrasonic units
All KLN ultrasonic units are fitted with integrated titanium boosters and safety housings and have always a high starting amplitude of approx 10 µ. This technique gives a maximum protection for the piezo-ceramic converters and simultaneously reduces the heating up of the sonotrodes, as the desired operating amplitude is usually achieved with low sonotrode transformation.

Pneumatic actuators
Due to their linear precision railings these actuators have a high degree of precision. The actuator is additionally combined with cylinder switches for the parking position, the ultrasound impetus and melt control for travel switch, as well as for other special techniques such as tandem cylinder systems and encoder position sensors.

Flexible KLN piping technique

Flexible KLN piping technique for flexible settings of the process position. The pneumatic actuators are preferably fixed within a flexible piping system. This method allows an unrestricted number of settings of the welding position, providing a cost-effective possibility to incorporate changes which occur during the construction phase.


This includes techniques for adding clips and other procedures like printing and embossing as well as barcode or automatic assembly systems being part of quality assurance and complete documentation.

Ultrasonic welding


For every welding task we offer state-of-the-art tooling designs taking into consideration sensitive visible surfaces, varnished or leather coated, shagreened or foam lined. Manufacturing and optimization are in accordance with CAD data.

Exchange unit technique
The exchange unit allows a tool exchange to weld different parts without changing the basic machine. The installation of sonotrodes after the change is not necessary.

Ultrasonic welding

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