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Special machines

Special machines

KLN Ultraschall AG’s philosophy is to develop the optimal solution on the basis of standard machines or modular components in the field of plastic processing, like in welding, punching, riveting, drilling, wrapping, flanging, handling, and many other processes.

Your task is most important for us and our technicians will try find together with you a solution meeting the requirements in quality, cycle time and cost. In the last 60 years we developed many special solutions. Some of them we would like to present you below.

Special machines

  • final processing machines for plastic fuel tanks
  • rotary table machines for vibration welding, infrared welding, ultrasonic welding and hot plate welding
  • edge-welding machines for textile back injection molded parts
  • ultrasonic or mechanical punching machines
  • infrared welding machines in modular design for welding of several parts in one go (see infrared)
  • fully automated operating cells e. g. with feeding technology and robot handling

Final processing machines

Final processing machines for plastic fuel tanks

A wide experience is necessary to build such types of machine, as they have many high safety-related requirements. Since many decades KLN Ultraschall AG has been building such machines.

For this KLN developed modules for

  • hot plate welding
  • drilling
  • cutting
  • punching
  • friction welding
  • handling
  • and many more …

Depending on customer’s requirement we develop standard machines out of our modular construction system with operating modules in fixed positions, with or without automated transport, e. g. KKB’s from one operating station to the next. For this as many modules as possible and suitable are integrated in one station.

Tank Treatment System

If flexibility is the main task, e. g. two version should be processed in one machine, “robot machines” often are the most suitable solution. This may be machines with linear transport or rotary table machines. With these systems the tank is transported from one robot station to the next. The robot has the task to set the operating module in the correct working position. This gives the flexibility to work with one operating module at several positions.

The complete machine is supervised and controlled by higher-level systems.

Tank Treatment System

Rotary table machines

Rotary table machines are mostly used, if the required cycle time cannot be achieved in the selected process (e. g. welding or riveting). The two-cycle rotary table machine separates the loading and unloading process from the operating process, as they are parallel. Three- or four-cycle rotary table machines are often used, if the required production steps in one station, for example due to lack of space, cannot be realized or if they have to be carried out one after the other.

Two examples for such a solution:

  • four-cycle rotary table machine for ultrasonic welding and riveting of door panels
Ultrasonic rotary table machine
  • three-cycle rotary table machine for embedding of filter elements into a plastic housing by means of short-wave infra-red radiation

Operating cells

If very high piece numbers are important, we often use handling systems in the periphery.

So KLN developed an operating cell for welding of instrument panels. The daily number of pieces was higher than 3000 and four versions had to be welded in the cell.

In a first step the different version had to be recognized safely and transferred from the preparation stage. For this we designed a transfer table, which could take up all versions in one nest. Then a handling robot transfers the part to be welded to the respective vibration welding machine. The handling has been designed such, that it can be loaded and unloaded in one go. Afterwards the vibration-welded part is laid to a transport conveyor. Here it is charged with other components and then moved to a three-cycle ultrasonic machine. After finalization of the ultrasonic process the welded part leaves the operating cell “welding“.

In other operating cells, also for welding of instrument panels, the infrared welding process has been combined with the ultrasonic welding or riveting. Here the piece numbers are very low. However, the operating process should be carried out fully automatically. In this application a robot welding cell, fitted with ultrasonic units, realizes flexibly and reliably a great number of operating steps. Since two versions had to be welded, the ultrasonic robot cell has been additionally fitted with a “revolver“ table.

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