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Hot plate welding

Hot plate welding

Hot plate welding TOOLMASTER

The KLN „TOOLMASTER“ series for hot plate welding is widely used in the automotive industry and in many plastic-processing plants.

Basically the TOOLMASTER versions vary by their tool design, their size of useable surface and the degree of automation. All versions are suitable for high temperatures and optionally equipped with fire protection engineering, which quickly separates the tool in case of energy drop or timeout.

Apart from this product range we also manufacture special machines adapted to your individual requirements.

Hot plate welding TOOLMASTER

TOOLMASTER "Basic" as well as type HE 50/30 are standard machines.

They are used in industrial mass production, achieving a very high cost-benefit.

The versions "Advance", "Semi-Automatic" and "Automatic" are made with tools in sandwich design. This makes possible the handling of upper tool, hot plate element and lower tool as a compact unit. They are designed particularly for quick and frequent production changes.

The HE/SA has a horizontal concept with servo-drive technology for quick and precise movements.

The TOOLMASTER CC has been developed for applications with two welding tasks in one cycle.

Almost all machine versions can be provided with pneumatic or servo-motor drives. If requested, the machines can also be equipped with hydraulic technique, if high forces have to be achieved or large masses have to be moved.


KLN Toolmaster Advance

The TOOLMASTER Advance is equipped with a "sandwich" quick-change tool. The machine can be manually retrofitted within short with a second, pre-heated tool (see accessories).

Racks and synchronising shaft axes guarantee perfect synchronisation of the tooling components. All machines fitted with the sandwich tool have this synchronisation device.


The TOOLMASTER Automatic has been developed for tooling exchange without qualified adjustment personnel.

No more excessive expenditure of time for the tooling exchange and adjustment. The TOOLMASTER Automatic exchanges two sandwiches within only 90 seconds!


The TOOLMASTER Semi-Automatic is also operated with a “sandwich" tool.

The sandwich process is carried out at closed machine doors. The manual part of the exchange is restricted on the transfer of the sandwiches from the transport trolley into the machine. Within 10 minutes the retrofitting is over.


Upper tool, hot plate element and lower tool are brought together in the machine fully automatically by pressing a key, brought into parking position as "sandwich" and depending on the application moved to the pre-heating station or set ready for unloading.

TOOLMASTER sandwich technology

The hot plate element with a temperature of up to 500 °C is in parking position above the upper tool. Thus, it cannot damage neither key nor cable or vacuum succer. In parking position it can be maintained continuously on operating temperature.


The big advantage of the TOOLMASTER sandwich technology is that a random number of sandwiches can be held ready on the trolley and be integrated in the running process.

TOOLMASTER sandwich technology
TOOLMASTER sandwich technology

The tool transfer trolleys are adapted to the respective machine type. During the exchange the trolley is locked at the machine.

TOOLMASTER sandwich technology


This machine type complements the machine program of vertically operating machines by a horizontal version.

Essential features:

  • high acceleration of the slide for the fixture and as option also for the hot plate slide
  • precise speed regulation depending on the travel
  • regulated braking of all travel motions
  • precise speed regulation depending on travel, in various steps of the melting and welding phases. The required parameters can be set on the OP
  • exchangeable hot plates (standard size 350 x 200 mm) or exchangeable hot plate caps which can be heated directly
  • PLC control Siemens S7 with Siemens OP

The new version HE/SA is based on a horizontal movement of the parts fixtures. This machine is suitable for manifold use, also for critical technical plastics, like polyamides.

To cope with these materials, the technical preconditions must be created, which means optimum regulation of speed, power and particularly fast courses of motion, especially for the change-over time between heating up phase and welding phase (heating-up – change-over – welding). These preconditions are achieved by using servo-drives. The machine may be completely fitted with servo-drives or in many applications, to save cost, with servo-drives for the parts fixtures combined with pneumatically operated hot plate slides.

Hot plate welding machine with horizontal travel and servo drive


In its basic version the machine TOOLMASTER Basic is equipped with a pneumatic drive. The hot plate element is part of this machine. In case of production change only the contour sets are exchanged. The table is moved horizontally. The exact positioning of the parts is achieved by four vertical synchronising columns.

Toolmaster Basic HE

TOOLMASTER Semi-Automatic

The TOOLMASTER Semi-Automatic is also operated with a "sandwich" tool. The sandwich process is carried out at closed machine doors. The manual part of the exchange is restricted on the transfer of the sandwiches from the transport trolley into the machine. Within 10 minutes the retrofitting is over.

Toolmaster Semi-Automatic


The machine type TOOLMASTER CC had been developed reacting on the frequent requirements to carry out two welding cycles in one operating cycle.

One of the most frequent applications is the welding of center consoles. For this the machine is fitted with a double hot plate element and all axes are driven by servo-motor.

For easy loading the center of the part to be welded is stuck on a tool which can be reversed by 180 degrees.

The two parts to be welded are automatically transferred into the respective two fixtures.

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