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Plastic assembly techniques

In the field of plastic assembly techniques KLN concentrates on five main procedures: Ultrasonic welding, vibration welding, hotplate welding, infrared welding, spin welding and thermal procedures.

For these procedures we supply the complete product lines:
Full series of standard machines, special equipment, tools, tooling exchange cells, robot automation, combined equipment and periphery devices.

For the assembly of plastic parts, which differ in size and condition and would therefore not be suitable for standard machines, we recommend the use of special equipment with several ultrasonic units for ultrasonic welding and…

Ultrasonic procedures

Since more than 20 years linear vibration welding is part of our program. In a very short period of time we had developed the machine program “LVW“, which means linear vibration welding. The application range of the LVW series covers sma…

Vibration welding

The KLN „TOOLMASTER“ series is used in many areas of the automotive industry and in numerous plastic processing companies. The TOOLMASTER versions differ, above all, in the tool construction, the size of the active surface and the deg…

Hot plate welding

For welding by means of infrared technology short-wave (0,78-2 μm) as well as medium-wave (2-4 μm) infrared radiation of the spectrum can be used. This depends particularly on the absorption capacity of radiation of the respective p…

Infrared welding

The REK-B offers all advantages of the high technical level of the OMEGA III series, particularly regarding precision and reliability. The machine may be integrated in an automatic production line and controlled via a higher-ranking…

Spin welding REK-B

With thermal riveting you can realize permanent form-lock fixed connections. This connection is achieved by transforming thermoplastics. With this procedure there are realized mostly only point- or segment-like welding joints. In…

Thermal procedures

The KLN QSW 400 L is a quasi-simultaneous laser welding machine using the principle cross laser beam welding. The quasi-simultaneous welding combines contour welding and simultaneous welding.

Lasers welding

KLN Ultraschall AG’s philosophy is to develop the optimal solution on the basis of standard machines or modular components in the field of plastic processing, like in welding, punching, riveting, drilling, wrapping, flanging, handling, and many other processes. Your task is most important for us and together with you our technicians will try to find a s…

In our laboratory we have all options to supply you with tests, parts analysis and pre- or small batches productions. Our team of highly skilled experts will assist you, if you have any question about how to design your parts for optimal welding.

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