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Drying systems

Drying systems

After cleaning we use drying systems in order to achieve spotless drying, to protect corrosion-sensitive parts or to avoid water intake into production.

The drying systems can be integrated in manual or fully-automatic cleaning processes.

KLN manufactures various drying systems in several versions.

Recirculation air drying systems

Flue-curing/ recirculation air drying systems

These drying systems are characterized by a high air flow.

The air is sucked from the bottom of the dryer and passed on to two sides along a heating to the upper drying area. In order to avoid water vapor saturation part of the air flow is transferred to the waste air. Fresh air is fed via the loading port of the dryer.

The drying program is supplemented by various options. Additional blowing strips within the dryer speed up the drying process. The particle entry from the ambient air can be minimized with a filter in the cover of the dryer. Optionally laminar flow modules can be used on top of the dryer.

Vacuum dryers

Vacuum dryers are suitable for drying of parts which can only be exposed to low temperatures or which need further processing.

They can be applied also for parts which cannot be reached everywhere by an air flow.

Vacuum dryer

Picture 1: Vacuum dryer

In the sliding or the flap version the covers can be operated manually or automatically.

For the vacuum dryers there are available flue-curing, hot-air or infrared heating systems. In the flue-curing/hot-air version an adequate flue-curing/hot-air dryer is available.

To optimize the dryers the intervals of heating or vacuum can be programmed in many combinations.

Filter systems for filtering the fresh air are also considered in the conception of the dryer.

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