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Submersible transducer TSP

Submersible transducers TSP

Submersible transducer TSP-P

Submersible transducer TSP-P

“Powersonic” is a type of KLN transducer systems with a particularly good cleaning effect and especially solid design.
Thus we give full guarantee for up to 12.000 hours in max. 3 years.

Submersible transducers are ultrasonic transducer systems in hermetically welded metal housing, inside of which piezoceramic transducer elements are incorporated.
They are arranged at the bottom or at the sides of cleaning tanks.

The HF current supply is realized via a power supply line which is lead via connection box at the back, a pipe elbow or a flexible metal mesh hose.

Various sizes of submersible transducers make possible to use them in operating frequencies differing from 20, 25, 30, 40 up to 132 kHz.


  • Ultrasonic cleaning in various industrial branches
  • Use in tanks of approx. 100 l up to a volume of several cubic meters
  • Use in various processes, like pre-cleaning in an electroplating line

Function and design:

  • All-purpose transducer systems for cleaning tanks
  • Simple installation and assembly possible, without flange holes in the tank
  • Variable handling by alternating use in several tanks
  • Power version with particularly effective cleaning
  • Long-term warranty
  • Also suitable for subsequent use

Special design:

  • tubular transducers with frequencies of 20 - 40 kHz
Submersible transducer TSP-P

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