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Transducer plates SPP

Transducer plates SPP P

“Powersonic” is a type of KLN transducer systems with a particularly good cleaning effect and especially solid design.

Transducer plates are ultrasonic transducers that can be flanged.

The actual PZT transducer elements are fastened at the back of the sound-emitting transducer plate surface.

Plates of different sizes and capacity can be used variably with various operating frequencies of 20, 25, 30, 40 or 132 kHz.


  • Ultrasonic cleaning of miscellaneous parts during production and assembly
  • Ultrasonic cleaning in maintenance and service
  • Assembly of one or more transducer plates at the bottom or sides of cleaning tanks.

Function and design:

  • Multi-purpose flange plates for use in cleaning tanks
  • Unilateral acoustic emission at the front side of the plate which is in contact with the cleaning liquid
  • Protective cap (perforated sheet) to cover the PZT elements fastened at the plate side
  • Power version with particularly effective cleaning
  • Long-term warranty
  • Also suitable for subsequent use in existing tanks
Transducer plates SPP P

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