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Cleaning systems – UDS

Cleaning system - PWA

Ultrasonic Cleaning System - UDS.

With this plant system KLN has created an inexpensive solution for aqueous parts cleaning. It can be used in all industrial sectors and for all types of contamination.

The components can be assembled as in a modular system for any process sequence and supplemented with all systems for bath maintenance as well as automation of the cleaning process.

The entire UDS series is also available in special sizes. The UDS cleaning baths are available for residual dirt determination.

UDS cleaning systems


  • any combination of cleaning, rinsing and drying units
  • subsequent addition of units
  • ergonomic design
  • arbitrarily high degree of automation of the process technology
  • highest operational stability and long service life
  • easy to maintain
  • console operation directly at the unit
  • thermal insulation US frequency 20 or 40 kHz
  • US power:
    • UDS1812 1000 / 500
    • UDS2415 1000 / 500
    • UDS2618 2000 / 1000
    • UDS3624 3000 / 1500
UDS cleaning systems

Technical data

UDS-1812 UDS-2415 UDS-2618 UDS-3624
Usable size of tank [mm] 480 x 300 x 300 600 x 380 x 350 660 x 450 x 450 900 x 600 x 500
Exterior dimensions [mm] 860 x 620 x 808 920 x 640 x 858 990 x 710 x 958 1250 x 860 x 1008
Fill quantity approx. [L] 34 64 113 235
Ultrasonic capacity [W] 1000 / 500 1000 / 500 2000 / 1000 3000 /1500
Heating capacity per tank [W] 2000 4000 6000 8000

Individual dimensions or power levels are possible! Feel free to contact us when you have any questions.

SW Ultrasonic tanks

Product carrier

Ultrasonic tanks - Product carrier

Technical description:

  • solid frame made of round stock
  • wire mesh panelling
  • mesh size 10 mm
  • basket feet made of plastics
  • height 20 mm
  • max. load 10 kg
  • material stainless steel

We offer special product carriers for your special applications.

Rotating basket

Ultrasonic tanks - Rotating basket

Technical description:

  • dimensions of basket Ø 150 x 200 mm
  • volume max. 7,5 l
  • dimensions approx. L 150 x W 240 x H 550 mm
  • continuous current drive motor, mounted in the handle
  • rotation speed approx. 10 r/min
  • rectifier (approx. 150x150x130 mm)
  • connection cable to drive motor, length approx. 2,5 m
  • drive via encased chain
  • basket made of perforated sheet 8 x 8 mm, incl. 3 stumbling rails
  • frontal cover with clamping device
  • solid frame with 4 plastic feet
  • material stainless steel

Lift unit

Ultrasonic tanks - Lift unit

For the tanks of the SW 60 and SW 90 series we also offer a lift unit.

The product to be cleaned is loaded automatically into the tank, agitated and after a pre-set or individually set period of time it is lifted again.


Ultrasonic tanks - Agitation

Optionally a mechanical tilting mechanism for agitation of the product in the tank can be adapted. By vertical oscillation a relative movement between product and cleaning agent can be generated. This improves the removal of contamination from the product surface and optimizes the cleaning result. On the other hand the unavoidable irregularities of the ultrasonic field are settled and the cleaning result is improved.

Pump filter aggregate and gravity separator

Pump filter aggregates remove dirt and dust particles from aqueous solutions or rinsing waters. They are used in all cleaning processes which require a high quality of media with long lifetime.

Ultrasonic tanks - Pump filter aggregate 1
Ultrasonic tanks - Pump filter aggregate 2

Gravity separators use the physical properties of the different density of liquids for the separation of floating and dropping particles in cleaning baths.

The contamination is detached separately, that means outside the cleaning chamber. Here the separator becomes active during an agitation triggered off by a circulation pump.

The contamination is discharged in concentrated form as waste oil or sediment slurry.

Ultrasonic tanks - Gravity separator

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