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DMS - Digital Modular System

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DMS - Digital Modular System

Ultrasonic Cleaning System - DMS.

The expandable and versatile modular design of the DMS, allows for individual changes in the cleaning and drying process. Expandable modules: Passivation & Vacuum Drying. Available with or without automation. The DMS offers a wide range of ultrasonic frequencies to meet your washing and rinsing needs. Several standard plug & play options, including filtration, automatic fill/drain, conductivity monitoring and more. **Fast delivery - stock on hand for 2 common module sizes. Custom sizes available.

Standard Equipment

  • electropolished surface
  • rounded corners
  • all piping and valves made of stainless steel
  • Tri Clamp connections for easy disassembly and cleaning of the piping system
  • Leakage sensors in each chamber

Available sizes from stock

  • 305 x 460 x 254 mm with 40 kHz/1000 W ultrasonic power
  • 460 x 660 x 406 mm with 132 kHz/2000 W ultrasonic power
  • All trays with rounded corners and electropolished surface
  • Additional frequencies available for immediate delivery.
  • Direct cementing
    25/40/58/132/192 kHz with each other
    combined by patented
    double mixing frequency process.
  • Plate technology with patented
    Megasonic sweep frequencies in
    280/360/470/720/1000 kHz

Optional equipment

  • Automation up to 90kg possible
  • Pump/filtration modules with quick connect hoses.
  • Automatic filling and emptying
  • Automatic dosage of detergent
  • Spray and AirKnife registers for all rinsing modules
  • Sensors for measuring conductivity/resistivity/ph/concentration
  • Swiveling blow-off device built into the dryer
  • Manual spray and blow-off device
DMS cleaning systems

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