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Industrial cleaning techniques

For almost 75 years KLN has been dedicated to the development and the application of the ultrasonic cleaning technology for industrial purposes. Through constant enhancement of this technology we have available a wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning systems for a multitude of industrial applications.

Das erweiterbare und vielseitige modulare Design der DMS, ermöglicht individuelle Änderungen im Reinigungs- und Trocknungsprozess. Erweiterbare Module: Passivierung & Vakuumtrocknung. Mit und ohne Automatisierung erhältlich.

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks of series SW 12, SW 25 and SW 40 are compact tabletop cleaning devices for industrial purposes. The serial version includes a cover with handle. The cleaning tanks can be equipped alternatively with frequencies…

Ultrasonic tanks – SW

The machine of series KT can be applied universally. It is designed for the industrial part cleaning. Application fields: metal degreasing, electrical industry, optical industry, medical technology, maintenance and service etc. The…

Compact units – KT

With this machine system KLN has created a reasonably priced solution for aqueous part cleaning. Application is possible in all ranges of industry and for all kinds of contamination. The components can be compiled for any process in a…

Cleaning systems – UDS

KLN has created a machine series for precise parts cleaning with aqueous and organic cleaning agents. This series meets the requirements of the various industrial branches in the cleaning technology. Like in a modular construction…

Modular machines

KLN manufactures various cleaning machines acc. to ATEX (ATmosphère EXplosibles) for the use of combustible liquids. The cleaning machines can be used separately or in combination with other methods. Cleaning machines for combustible …

Solvent cleaning machines

KLN has developed spray unit concepts, e. g. for precision cleaning of electronic components, here focusing on cleaning of DCB, ceramics and polymer-FR4-SMD in inline continuous spray units. KLN plans and manufactures cleaning plants using state-of-the-art technologies. The machine concept is adapted to the referring chemical products used, thus safe…

After cleaning we use drying systems in order to achieve spotless drying, to protect corrosion-sensitive parts or to avoid water intake into production. The drying systems can be integrated in manual or fully-automatic cleaning processes. KLN manufactures various drying systems in several versions.

KLN ultrasonic generators are incorporated in cleaning tanks of various capacity from some liters up to several cubic meters.
They have a high operating reliability also under extremely difficult application conditions. Based on decades of experience in developing ultrasonic generators today we have a broad variety of generator series, meeting the…

For the various contaminations KLN Ultraschall AG offers cleaning agents particularly for ultrasonic and spray-cleaning machines. If you have a problem with cleaning, please send us your parts. In our cleaning lab we will carry out trials to test which cleaning agent is most suitable for you. Below please see a list of some special cleaning agents.…

KLN Ultraschall AG offers cleaning for small and medium lot sizes without requirement to cleanliness with a max. part size of 300 x 350 mm and a max. weight of 20 kg. May we send you an offer?

Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht der Anwendungsgebiete der Industriellen Reinigungstechnik.

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