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In nearly every branch of industry plastic parts are being applied. Metal parts must be inserted into plastics or a safe embedding of thermoplastics by means of welding or riveting is required. It’s a good feeling to know that you can rely on the efficiency and innovation of a partner who is highly specialized in this area.

In the field of plastic assembly techniques KLN concentrates on five main procedures: Ultrasonic welding, vibration welding, hotplate welding, infrared welding, spin welding and thermal procedures.

Plastic assembly techniques

For almost 75 years, KLN has been dedicated to the development and the application of the ultrasonic cleaning technology for industrial purposes. Through constant enhancement of this technology, we have available a wide range of…

Industrial cleaning techniques

For the assembly of plastic parts, which differ in size and condition and would therefore not be suitable for standard machines, we recommend the use of special equipment with several ultrasonic units for ultrasonic welding and…

Ultrasonic procedures

With thermal riveting you can realize permanent form-lock fixed connections. This connection is achieved by transforming thermoplastics. With this procedure there are realized mostly only point- or segment-like welding joints. In…

Thermal procedures

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