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KLN Ultraschall pays homage to 14 employees

KLN Ultraschall has paid homage to long-time employees with a dinner at the Heppenheim restaurant "Goldener Engel". This year 14 employees have been invited with a job tenure of at least 10 years.

As the commercial manager Mr. Stephan Heinrich explained, more than half of the 230 employees works longer than 10 years at KLN. The average job tenure is still 12 years, the average age is 43. "The demographic development increasingly takes its toll ", says Heinrich. In the nineties KLN did not have any employee older than 60; now it is 12 employees that are older than 60.

It is for many reasons that companies nowadays depend on elder employees. There is a gap in employees between 30 and 40 years. However, the many young employees, among them 11 apprentices, give reason for hope.

The following employees have been honored:

10 years:
Michael Löwer, Torsten Ende, Angelo Vivenzio, Hermann Klaus, Ingeborg Brandau-Lehmann, Dieter Eßinger, Ewald Mügendt, Thorsten Melüh, Uwe Vetter, Dirk Wedemeyer

25 years:
Michael Hofmann

40 years:
Alfred Giergerich

45 years:
Herbert Eichheimer and Peter Sauer

Source: Starkenburger Echo, 29 November 2013